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About Milon Hair Studio

Milon Hair Studio creates a Handcrafted,  customized Non-Surgical hair replacement. We provide customized hair texture and density ( which looks exactly like your own hair). Later we will graft this on your Scalp. The hair which we provide are especially designed according to your Skin tone and Climate over here to make sure it looks like exactly like your own Scalp and Hair. Hair Loss will lower One’s Self Confidence. We don’t want one’s Self Confidence should be down because of their Hair. Thus our service comes into the Picture. The non surgical hair replacement process we provide with painless transformation, high quality and at affordable price will help an individual to gain back their Self-Confidence.

Milon Hair Studio have qualified and skilled professionals with years of experience in this field. They provide you with the best hair cuts, colour, hair-ups and treatments. Our Clients will have one to one discussion with one of our highly skilled and experienced Hair Loss Expert for whom you can tell all your problems. Later by seeing your problems he will provide you with the best solution.

Do You Know

Many studies has proved that around 50% of men start losing their hair in their 20’s. It could of many reasons. Like Pollution, Thinning of Hair, Not eating the proper diet, Not taking proper sleep, Genetics, etc. Whatever might be the reason but one’s Self-Confidence will get down because of their Hair Loss. In this cases an Individual tries different thing so that he can stop their Hair Loss. For example Medication, Laser, or PRP treatments may work upto one extent but they wont provide long term results. In some cases  hair transplant may work but even they have disadvantage to be considered.

In such cases, the best option will be to shift to non-surgical hair replacement. These results are guaranteed, and the benefits are permanent.

How can we help

By seeing all this problems we have established a company known Milon Hair Studios to help people regain their confidence and lower their Stress Level. By this people can face the outer World Confidently. As a customer you should know how to make the right decision and chose the correct one for you.

Why Milon Hair Studios:

Some Aspect which make Milon Hair Studios a brand form other..

We use Highest  Quality real Human Remy Hair in the world of Hair System.

We are one and only brand in India that customize the hair according to your own hair .

  1. Density (we will customize density according to the individual)
  2. We provide hair colour of your choice
  3. We provide hair texture according to the customer hair like curly or straight
  4. We plan in such a way that it fix in the hair loss area
  5. We provide transitional density in the front hair line which gives a natural look.
  6. Our specialist suggest you the correct hair size/ hair length
  7. The hair texture is made based on the customer hairs like thin or thick etc.  

We are providing the most expensive hair in a affordable price.

Our Customer Service Department makes sure that they will help you in every possible way until you become pro in it.

We provide the learning videos that will help you to learn in initial stages.

We are the ISO Certified Company

We provide the ready hair system which is cut and designed. All you need to do is get them Fixed.

About Our Hair System

In our Studio we have designed the hair system in such a way that you wont feel like its a artificial one. You will feel it as your own hair. This is the way by which you can get a natural hair on your head. The product which we provide is tested before and it does not have any side effects. The hairs which we provide is made from the high quality hair available in the world. There is a artificial base made and it looks exactly like your skin.

We Milon Hair Studio makes a micro-thin artificial thin , In which we implement the highest quality of Indian human hair. The complete system is placed on the bald area of your scalp upto 7 weeks. Than later it is cut and styled accordingly you want. Don’t worry the front hair line will be undetectable. There are no restrictions for your daily activities. You can Swim, Shower, Ride, Play Sports etc.

Why is our product different from others.

Its Simple. It is completely non-surgical . No toupees or wings.No Drugs or Lotions are used. And absolutely with no Side effects. All our products are tried and tested before itself.